Prizm Wakeboard


All New Surface Area Sizing
Satin Flex
Biolite 3 Core
Subtle 3-Stage Rocker
Variable Edge Design
Mellow Center Landing Spine
M6 Inserts
Monocoque Construction
Layered Glass
Fins: 4 – .8 P-Wing
SHAPED By: Greg Nelson Design

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Sharing the same shape as Shaun Murray’s pro model board just with a specific ladies flex the 2017 Hyperlite Prizm doesn’t just keep up with the boys, it looks great doing so. Women deserve a high quality board that responds to their frame and thus Hyperlite have applied their exclusive Satin Flex fiberglass layup to the proven performance Murray shape. Rounded between the binding inserts to prevent catching toes and heelside edge the Prizm rails gradually sharpen towards the tip and tail resulting in a board that has incredible edging power and will pull the boat over before it washes out. As if it was made for women the Biolite3 core has enabled Hyperlite to thin out the profile of the profile resulting in lightweight deck, girls can easily control in the air.

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